Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Sultans of Forwards

Its been some time we were exposed to the revolution of email.. but the imaturity of a ten year old still haunts the minds of young adults using email. I cant remember a single day when my inbox did not have "forwards" - from school mailing lists, college mailing lists, placements groups, preparation groups - not advertising spam but forwards sent in full conciousness by people who otherwise seem sane. Mushy flowers, cute animals, distorted faces.. one-liners, blonde jokes, sardarji jokes.. And not once, each forward has a cycle to complete and more often than not,a forward reaches an active inbox atleast 4-5 times.. There is another category of forwards which highlights indian achievements in the foreign soil looking for a reason to say "I am a proud Indian.. Are you?" But the facts these mails qoute are mostly false, created by some idiot typing away at a lame terminal. Percentage of indians in Microsoft, Intel etc.. A mail qouted 35% of Microsoft's employees are indians.. whereas, actually 5-10% of people there are indians (which is good too considering that India accounts for some 1% of US population only). And how can I forget the Sultans of forwards who have driven superstition to the unsuspecting field of IT also.. we have chain letters. I dont know when people will grow up and understand that chain letters are creations of people who have nothing else to do. Its not a message from the heaven! Chain letters existed during the snail mail days too.. but like everything, they have become saddled with technology too.. People instead of writing something creative themselves or maybe sharing some news (if its a batchmates group) or debating (if its a discussion group) send a forward. Is to make your presence felt? Then dont make it felt! Rather, just read what other people write.. but dont be a part of the spamming community that is increasing in size even as I finish this post..

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