Saturday, January 22, 2005

City Outlook

I have been to bangalore a couple of times. The city always fascinates me.. it has a different feel to it. You get to see an extremely diverse set of people. Bangalore's diversity has just one reason.. it attracts software professionals from all over the country. Punjabis.. delhiites.. bongs.. mumbaiites.. its a melange of people from all parts of India. I have always felt that its enriching to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. My college has mostly delhiites.. but the circle of friends that I have is quite diverse.. southie, bong, haryanvi, UP's baniya.. they are all there.. Differenence of points of view makes just about anything sooo subjective and interesting.. Maybe thats why I like Bangalore.. Delhi is awesome in its own way; it is spacious and grand - no city can beat Delhi to this.. But Bangalore is cool - nice places to hangout and a cosmo culture.. Though, Bangalore has the same kind of story.. The rate of people pouring in is beating the developmental rate of the city. The infrastructure simply is not able to keep up. The traffic is horrible.. People drive like they are the only ones on the road. Pollution is horrifying! Delhi was going through a similar phase, remember? 6-7 years ago, Delhi's traffic and pollution were at an all time high.. Passing ITO during office hours was a scary idea. That all has been taken care of nicely here.. bangalore needs to do something fast..

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