Thursday, January 13, 2005

History: Whose version is it anyway?

Have u ever thought if history could be tweaked? What is history?.. A narrative of events; a story.. History as it manifests itself in the documents seems to be like a tale narrated by an onlooker who was passing by.. Isnt it a whim of that person or an institution to report what it deems fit for future generations to know? Actually, it is the winner's story and the loser's story is lost. Dan Brown in his book Da Vinci Code outlines some of the histories greatest anomalies. Dan Brown's Angles & Demons gives evidence of a fearful "war" between the scientific community and the Church. The Church was at war to protect the faith and wanted to end the threat of the rising scientific reason. It is all fiction.. but on second thoughts, what if it could be true.. One's story could be another's history. Ultimately, it depends on whose version is it anyway?

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